#007 It Takes Courage

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B1_#007 // The Director’s Office // Quentin Dauvergne

Contemporary directors are leading sinking ships: they just hit the medias’ iceberg. There’s no emergency, if you don’t acknowledge the breach…

They just stepped in, prepare a speech, prepare to be monitored, prepare to carry the heritage of previous generations while preparing to bring something new to the table, prepare to justify performances, be monitored again, prepare to explain why it happened and what they are going to do about it, what happens next; constantly keeping you updated, notified, in the name of what the modern world calls transparency.

In the necessity of a measurable and quantifiable performance, “performing” becomes the central task of their activity. In this set, both tied to a -sometimes imaginary glorious- past, and to a bright new shiny future, artefacts of beliefs become decorative elements abstracted from any use. A blank notepad hidden from sight, a library of perhaps never-read books, a social utopia cynically -or not- turned into a swedish mass-produced element of comfort.

Choosing is renouncing. If they run away, will we be facing the irony of our own pseudo-democratic system ? Who will be left to blame ?

Quentin Dauvergne is an Intermediate student at the Architectural Association

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