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Of the substation: “In the past, high-voltage substations were always industrial looking eyesores that, whenever possible, were banished from urban centres.” Ward Pincus, Siemens. Can our cities become more creative as utility structures become harder and harder to hide? Can our substations embellish the urban […]


Brief 8 Season 2 // The Architecture Studio Rethinking the microtypology of the architecture studio In her article ‘School Buildings Produce Culture,’ Farshid Moussavi questions how the design and layout of an architecture studio can affect the school’s pedagogy and the students’ approach towards architecture. […]

Brief 7 (Season 2)

Brief 7 // Season 2 // The Library Rethinking the microtypology of the study room The idea of library exists in a symbiosis between reading and displaying. The repeated imagery of neatly arranged wall of books associates itself with the act of reading and creates […]


“Cave”: noun 1. a hollow in the earth, especially one opening more or less horizontally into a hill, mountain, etc. 2. a storage cellar, especially for wine. 

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What is an interior? They are not sealed boxes nor are they open spaces… what defines them, as interiors are precisely their connection to the outside world, the boundary between the two.

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‘Only a very small part of architecture belongs to art: the tomb and the monument. Everything else that fulfils a function is to be excluded from the domain of art.’ – Adolf Loos The tomb might be arguably the spatial typology most singular, resolute and […]

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To wait: Is to ‘to allow time to go by, especially while staying in one place without doing very much, until someone comes, until something that you are expecting

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“The ability to lie, the deliberate denial of factual truth, and the capacity to change facts, the ability to act, are interconnected; they owe their existence to the same source, imagination.” –Forensic Architecture

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