#006 Platonic Exuberance

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B1_#006 // The Director’s Office // George Fergusson

The academic side of architecture can at times seem a world away from the actual built environment. Need this be the case?

A director will always find themselves, at one point or another, examining a student’s work and asking himself questions such as:

“An abstraction or a novelty?“

“Innovative or tenuous?“

“Inspirational or misguided?”

Each and every director will have their own criteria by which they answer the above questions.

Given the changing role of the architect around the world today, the question of how architecture should be taught is more important than ever.

Do we lose the allure of the ‘architect genius’ brand by engaging with praxis, or are we opening up new territories for design to enter into?

George Fergusson is a Diploma student at the Architectural Association

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