Welcome to Season 2  The Season 2 has now officially begun! With new contributors and a new concept, this season will launch an investigation into how typologies incorporate their intended functions. A cube here is an isolated space that marries the architecture and the functions […]

05/17 – 07/17 That’s right, we’re going on HIATUS Time to reflect, recharge, re-form and rest. Time for our V64 team to give priority to their awesome degree shows, deadlines and work commitments!

#068 The Cave

B6_#068 // The Cave // Georgi Belyanov The essence of the cave typology arises from the fact that it is a confined, negative space that is cut out of a larger, undefined one. The proposal imagines the cave as a negative volume which is taken out […]

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#066 The Garum Room

B6_#066 // The Cave // Sabrina Syed How do you make a carrot taste as umami as eating a steak? – Rene Redzepi on the potential of fermentation, Noma While fermentation in drink is long and established, the Garum Room seeks to push the idea […]

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#065 iCave

B6_#065 // The Cave // Ema Hana Kacar The vast majority of human activity is the creation and transport of information, and our lives are becoming a lineup of computerized tasks. We are in a state of constant absorption of an infinite, never-ending amount of […]

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#064 Plato’s Cave

B6_#064 // The Cave // David Flook ‘He led a wretched life, unto himself unknowne.’ – Faerie Queene, Edmund Spenser. Book I, Canto IV.  This drawing recalls Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and represents it within the bounds of a cube. 

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“Cave”: noun 1. a hollow in the earth, especially one opening more or less horizontally into a hill, mountain, etc. 2. a storage cellar, especially for wine. 

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Many thanks to our contributors in order of appearance: Jonathan Wren, Agostino Nickl, Christopher Delahunt, Emily Priest, Quentin Dauvergne, Stanislas Turcon, Henry Schofield, Ema Hana Kacar, Sabrina Syed, Ness Lafoy and Lloyd Lee

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#061 Overlooking

B5_#061 // Boundary // Ness Lafoy  This drawing imagines a condition where view ports are set up ‘looking out’ and ‘looking into’ a temporary space framed by a mural curtain depicting an abstracted view of the ‘outside’ landscape.What happens to the status of the viewports […]

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