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#099 Neon Station

B9_#099 // Substation // Lloyd Lee ​Distribution substations are made to be hidden. As an ashamed infrastructural entity, it is often disguised with a decorative, rational or superficial facade to align with the city. Unlike substations, neon signs are urban elements that need to be […]

#098 Hot Off The Power Plant

B9_#098 // Substation // Sabrina Syed The microtypology of the substation has come into its own as a relevant piece of architecture. However, it is restricted to standing in forgotten isolation. A silent sentry, the substation’s dull presence is transformed to an element fuelling the […]

#097 Power Plant

B9_#097 // Substation // Henry Schofield  The Power Plant rethinks the typology of the common distribution node cabinet. Distribution node cabinets are crucial points along  telecommunications networks where fibre optic or coaxial cables meet footway ducting junctions to then travel into our homes and provide us with […]

#096 The House-Plant

B9_#096 // SUBSTATION // JOHANNA JUST Built to transform voltage from high to low the substation forms a highly utilitarian typology – its aesthetics defined by its functionality. As highly connected and electricity demanding individuals we are using multiple different substations in our everyday life to […]

#095 The Domulator

 B9_#095 // SUBSTATION // AGOSTINO NICKL Substations are mere transformations of electric current and originate from a time, in which the electricity amount steadily pumped into the net matched the amount of coal taken from the ground and burned. Now, that renewable energies withdraw our […]

#094 Substation

B9_#094 // SUBSTATION // ELIF ÖNGÜT As substations become harder and harder to hide, the design proposes to reinhabit/ repurpose this micro typology by creating a laboratory for research institutes and universities where horticulturists, biologists and ecologists could conduct research on a niche ecological pocket. […]

#093 Sparking Springs

B9_#093 // SUBSTATION // JONATHAN WREN Waste heat from this converted Sub Station is used to create a thermally-heated outdoor Lido. Watt a shocking Transformer-ation. Jonathan Wren is an M.Arch Graduate from the Bartlett School of Architecture  

#092 Plant at Your Local `Substerrarium`

B9_#093 // SUBSTATION // CHRISTOPHER DELAHUNT The substerrarium presents step-down electricity transformers within a glass wardian case. The wardian case was an early type of sealed container for plants. As a whimsical play on words I have reimagined the `plant` that occupies our city within […]

#091 Power Plant

B9_#091 // SUBSTATION // SAMUEL JACCARD A greenhouse is known for sheltering plants and letting them grow in a regulated climatic condition. Its structure is easily recognizable and appreciated by the majority. Even if the membrane is opaque and the interior not entirely visible, one […]

#090 Tandem

B9_#090 // SUBSTATION // KIMBERLEY BERNEY The idea is to combine electricity production with domestic or urban purposes by breaking down the stages of the electrical production journey and therefore binate their function.   combustion. water is heated. bath. steam is produced.   hammam/ district […]


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#089 Life in a Kindergarten

B8_#089 // The Studio // Quentin Dauvergne Architecture students around me mostly wish they could stay at school during the night. They wish they wouldn’t have to go back home, to come back to school in a few hours. They would just stay, because of […]