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B19_#176 // Wet Rooms // Luke Reveley ‘wet room’ responds to the inclusion of a laundry room within community-led housing schemes while acknowledging the absence of water within this space, in contrast to the traditional Indian “water room” where water is celebrated.  The community share […]

#175 Koi

B19_#175 // Wet Rooms // Samuel Jaccard and Kimberley Berney  All my senses are engaged as I wander about this curious museum. There’s still an apparent lavender scent clinging to the eroded walls. The sun glistens in the water below. Perfectly still. Amidst the blue […]

Brief 19

The Wet room “Wet Rooms” exist as vernacular spaces in Indian homes found in both communal and family dwellings. Tucked away near the entrances, these semi-private, semi-outdoor spaces have a small but critical task: they allow water to enter and leave the house without eroding it. They […]

#174 Salon Continues

B18_#174 // The Salon // Lloyd Lee There had been a salon, once heavily used by intellectuals and the ‘right’ people who frequently discussed essential ideas and thinkings of the modern world. Present day, internet ‘forums’ have replaced the salon. The Salon was forgotten… Less […]

#173 Post Truth Salon

B18_#173 // The Salon // Oscar Maguire In the salons of old, people would converse using only the knowledge of the world outside that they had brought into room with them at that time. Today almost all discussion or debate in any room can be […]

#172 The Conversation Loop

B18_#172 // The Salon // Emma Colthurst “… the eyes, the eyebrows, the tone, the smile, the body language… once again become essential within the reimagined Salon. Physical interaction and conversation intercepts the visitor’s daily digital feed and the infinite possibilities of shared language and […]

#171 “Imagine Everyone in the Audience is Naked”

B18_#171 // The Salon // Jack Sweet The original enlightenment Salons where spaces where ‘informal’ conversations came wrapped up in rigid layers of social formality. From the decor to the clothes, every aspect demanded from occupants a highly curated facade, a guarded ‘public self’, denoting […]

#170 Pocket Salon

B18_#170 // The Salon // Jonathan Wren   Pocket Salon – An Acoustic Parlour The Salons of today inhabit preexisting, usually grand, spaces. The Pocket Salon is imagined as an acoustic-foam maze, deploying to fill these inspiring spaces. Conversations are compressed and expanded as members […]

#169 Conference Call

B18_#169 // The Salon // The Bakerloos This cube explores the influence of digital conversation tools on the experience of the contemporary Salon: In an increasingly globalised world and ubiquitous social media we continue to build more and more international relationships – the people we […]

#168 The Outdoor Salon

B18_#168 // The Salon // Kimberley Berney and Samuel Jaccard Ideas are meant to be shared. Not limited to selected individuals, they should be free to bounce from curious mind to curious mind. We live in an era of shared knowledge, let us tear down […]

Brief 18

 The Salon Introduction: Salons are political spaces. Traditionally held in the private parloursof grand houses, groups met to engage in the art of conversation. The sharing of ideas between unique and vibrant guests is at the heart of TheSalon.Salons were originally aristocratic, taking place in […]

#167 Retrieved.

B17_#167 // Underground Public Toilet // Lloyd Lee Retrieved. Date :  10.05.2203 Location :  W2, London, Great Britain  Description : An X-ray drawing, presumably for a survey; The drawing seems to show an abandoned entrance to the Bayswater Estate underneath Hyde Park Plant. This material […]