About VOLUME 64

We cannot produce the investigation we do without our team of dedicated contributors and collaborators. To learn a bit more about our story and how we work, read on:

Volume 64 is a design platform that emerged during a series of conversations between architecture students in the second half of 2016.

It all started when Lloyd (co-founder) attended a workshop on conceptual diagrams. The workshop, mostly shown through different OMA/AMO projects, made clear how ideas behind each project were challenged.

Challenging the typology of everyday-space, thus questioning our perception of architecture became the motivation of Volume 64. The idea of a platform manifested: to express these small exercises that could challenge existing rules without the limitations of academic or professional submissions.

What if there was a space dedicated purely to the experiments and drawings resulting from this line of questioning?

Discussions moved towards formulating a graphic language that could express these experiments in a radical, yet manageable way for each person trying out their idea.  

A cube of 4m by 4m by 4m has a volume of 64m3

4 x 4 x 4 = 43

43 = 64

Who are we?

We are a team of current M.Arch students and graduates from the Architectural Association (AA), Bartlett School of Architecture and Edinburgh School of Architecture (ESALA). We collaborate together, meet together and decide on content together – and where we’d like to go with it. We work frequently with different students and academics across universities to produce our drawing investigations and collaborate with visuals, writing and publication material. Our team consists of:

Founders: Lloyd Lee & Sabrina Syed

Bartlett Representatives: Henry Schofield & Jonathan Wren

AA Representative: Ema Hana Kacar & Quentin Dauvergne

Graphic Design Consultant: Emily Schlüter (Central Saint Martins)

Current team of Contributors*:

Bartlett: Henry Schofield,  Christopher Delahunt, Emma Colthurst, Luke Revely, Kirsty McMullan, Bethany Hird

Architectural Association: Lloyd Lee, Ema Hana Kacar, Quentin Dauvergne, Stanislas Turcon, Olivier Jauniaux

Edinburgh: Sabrina Syed, Anthony Ani, Elif Öngüt

External Contributors: Samuel Jaccard & Kimberley Berney (EPFL), Jakob Walter (Weimar University) 

* (last updated November 2017)

What do we do?

During each season of what we call the “Volume64 Cubelab” (lasting approx. 3 months) we release a series of isometric drawing experiments out to our team of contributors. These experiments are designed as a series of 2-week rotating briefs that are done in tandem with our studies or professional work experience. Each drawing (findings) gets published on the platform as well as our Instagram page.

Through our drawings, our contributors get to try out new ideas, change up their drawing styles, and take risks without an academic requirement or office deadline. Through this platform we’d like to address and dedicate time to experiment, which can lead to exciting possibilities. To make new and thought-provoking solutions to new and hard questions. If you’d like to work with us or just send an email, feel free to drop us a line in our “CONTACT” page.

– Lloyd Lee & Sabrina Syed // 2017

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