#036 Floating on the São Francisco River Dream

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 B3_#036 // The Waiting Room // Teresa Boulting

Mac 2: 212 knots, Maglev: 267 m/h, Bugatti: 258 m/h, Foners: 70 knots… We live fast-paced lives: airplanes, trains, cars, speedboats. We like to be taken here, there, everywhere and we like it to be fast.  Waiting is no longer accepted or enjoyed. They say time is money. How much then, at about 3 knots? How much value travelling at 3 knots on a swinging hammock? Floating on the São Francisco River Dream references the steam paddle boats that made journey after journey up and down the Sao Francisco River across the vast distances of Brasil. Slowly but surely, these journeys allowed its passengers, stretched out in hammocks, to stop. To stop perchance to dream? You lie in a hammock and life floats away… literally at 3 knots, but in your mind, in your dreams, you could be traveling at the speed of light… A call for us to stop and appreciate the poetry in the slowness of life from time to time: let us slow down, reflect and dream…. For “We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep”…

Teresa Boulting is a year out student who finished her Part I in ESALA Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

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