#037 The Waiting Room

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B3_#037 // The Waiting Room // Anthony Ani

Getting locked up in a prison cell must really suck. Spending what seems like an incessant amount of time waiting to get out. It quite possibly has to be the worst sort of waiting room.
The image visualises waiting through the experience of a prisoner in a holding cell waiting to be moved into his own private cell. In the cell, the prisoner detaches himself mentally from his surroundings and isolates himself in an alternate more pleasant reality where the real world and perception of time soon begin to fade. In fact the other inmates are all going through the same experience, each of them holding onto a different reality to stay sane. They each become nothing more than shadowy figures who threaten to rouse each other from their dream states. 
Can they hold on to their realities until they get out in a few years, or will their minds begin to unravel at the seams? The clock is ticking…
Anthony Ani is a year out student who finished her Part I in ESALA Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

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