#027 Wait Your Turn

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B3_#027 // The Waiting Room // Henry Schofield

To wait is to remain in place and delay all action until a particular time or interaction occurs. This room explores the threshold between remaining and interacting.

You are up next. The Interviewer/ doctor/ teacher/ therapist/ first date/ priest/ dentist is about to enter the room and determine the fate of the next few minutes of your job’s/ body’s/ education’s/ relationship’s/ heart’s/ faith’s/ dental hygiene’s future.

You are apprehensive. You are nervous. You are uncertain. There is no telling how or where the next few moments will take you. Stuck in what feels like a never ending cycle of worst-case-scenario emotion you so desperately want your name to be called forward. But you are waiting…


… … … Waiting

… … … HI! HENRY! NICE TO MEET YOU! / MR SCHOFIELD! / HENRY! / HENRY! / Hello there, Henry/ Hey Handsome! / Welcome, Henry…/COME THROUGH HENRY! … … … …

The wait is over… … … …

Henry Schofield is a M.Arch student at the Bartlett School of Architecture

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