#011 The Perpetual Push Notification Machine

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B2_#011 // The Fake News Room // Christopher Delahunt

We live with a constant connection to a digital world… even when your phone is locked. Application publishers can send push notifications at any time; you don’t have to be in the app or using a device to receive them…

Conspiracy theories and fake news pre-date current social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, however these platforms can catapult the smallest comment into global mega-news, simply by the click of a button. This drawing is an abstract illustration of traversing the wall of Facebook, whilst constantly being bombarded by mis-information from push notifications…will you fall into the global data stream with all the other members of a misinformed online collective? Or can you perform a well timed balancing act to pass through the network un-phased by the fact that everyone is convinced that ‘Hilary Clinton died and was replaced by a body double’… Only you can decide…

Christopher Delahunt is a M.Arch student at the Bartlett School of Architecture

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