#004 The C.E.O. of millennials

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B1_#004 // The Director’s Office // Sabrina Syed

Some ambivalence to how the stereotypes surrounding the “millennial” can be interpreted in the professional world, as a millennial:

“Everyone in this office is under 30.Who the heck needs a desk to go on Twitter? We modelled our head offices after Google…everyone needs to play more rather than be exposed to stress. We hate stress. And hierarchy. And restrictive furniture. They don’t fit into our “vision.” Besides, most of my work involves meetings, or phone calls, so I’m running around the place rather than chained to any desk – my “office” (or whatever they like to label it, we try to avoid being put into a box) has an overhead hammock above to take private meetings and have a place to think, because we really should think more. The table below is communal – engagement across the board is crucial to our growth. You like it? My assistant sent the idea to me over Instagram. I need to head off soon, my Uber is here and I’m VLogging this week for our Youtube channel – meanwhile have a look around, get the feeling of the space to see how you like the fit…we really want to make it feel like there are no limitations for your creativity. Here, everyone can feel that they are making an impact.”

– the C.E.O. of #millennials.

Sabrina Syed is a Part 1 architecture graduate from the University of Edinburgh ESALA

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