#025 Unknown Ingredients

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B2_#025 // The Fake Newsroom // Lloyd Lee

How is news made nowadays? Where do facts come from? What kind of messages does it convey? The message can be of an ideological value. Maybe it whispers the importance of nationalism into your ears. Maybe the message in the news is a purely factual one. We are only really aware of the final product of how the news is delivered to us. Where and how it was made, the whole process, is almost invisible. This very nature of news, the anonymity of its sources, can be compared to that of food. We buy food packaged into plastic wrappers that immediately satisfy our cravings. They could be bad for you. But would you dare to read all the ingredients and where they are sourced every time you decide to buy packaged food? When you just want to relive yourself from hunger, the ‘luxury’ of being choosy is replaced by our instinct to eat. Seeing this, a news room is just like a food factory. Different ideologies and ideas can be juxtaposed within the news, with its sources unknown. Are people as decisive about consuming news as they are with food?

Lloyd Lee is a Diploma Student in the Architectural Association

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