#128 Rehearsing Realities

B12_#128 // Rehearsing Realities // Kirsty McMullan (Brief Author) The commute to and from work, for many of us, is the only time in our day when we have a little time to think. To check in on our goals and aspirations as we check […]

#127 Rehearsing Realities

B12_#127 // Rehearsing Realities // Luke Reveley  The 4x4x4 has been placed into the context of a generic commuter train. Thousands of workers are ferried back and forth every day. Sitting in antisocial silence and listening to the same old playlists over and over again. […]

#126 The Observatory

B12_#126 // Rehearsing Realities // Kimberley Berney & Samuel Jaccard Mankind has forgotten the art of rest.  We have lost the ability to stay with our thoughts, our feelings, with our true inner self. We are no longer our own company. Our homes that once kept […]

#125 Rehearsing Laws

B12_#125 // Rehearsing Realities // Jakob Walter “[Kings] have power to exalt low things, and abase high things, and make of their subjects like men at the Chesse; A pawne to take a Bishop of a Knight, and to cry up, or downe any of their subjects, […]

#124 At Work

B12_124 // Rehearsing Realities // Anoushaé Eirabie 10:00 pm: The space is empty, it screams to be used. 10:06 pm: Should I leave now? 11:00 pm: The client meeting was slow… the list is getting longer, reasons are becoming more difficult to find. 12:00 am: […]


Marwencol is a project by outsider artist Mark Hogancamp. On April 8, 2000, Mark was attacked by five men and left for dead outside of a bar in Kingston, New York. After nine days in a coma, he awoke to find he had no memory of […]


Welcome to Season 3 The Season has now officially begun! With new contributors and a new concept. Season 3 explores the idea of context and its influence on typologies – however, this time our focus is directed towards the idea of unlikely associations. In contrast to […]


01/17 – 03/05 We’re going on HIATUS Time to reflect, recharge, re-form and rest. Time for our V64 team to prep for the last segment of the trilogy !  This has been SEASON 2 of VOLUME64’s CUBELAB, we’ll be back and running with SEASON 3 […]

One Year of Volume64

6 February 2017 – 6 February 2018  We finally did it. One year. 365 days ago during this week, we published our very first Brief on Volume64. We spent the 6th of February thinking about what to say, what to write and what to draw […]

#S03 A Forum in Oxford Circus

BS01_#03 // A Forum in Oxford Circus // Jose Picardo The scaffolding, elements that by their changing and transformable nature, allow to generate different environments within the city. Depending on its configuration, permeable spaces may arise, places for meeting and discussion. In this case, a […]

#S02 Discussion Street

BS01_#02 // A Forum in Oxford Circus // Lewis Williams The Forum, once the center point of historic day to day life and a space rife with opinion, discussion and healthy debate. Over centuries this activity morphed into smaller, more personal moments, one of these […]

#S01 Forum in Oxford Circus

BS01_#01 // A Forum in Oxford Circus // Geraldine Ho  The traditional Forum, a place of congregation, is currently irrelevant in modern society as one is not required to be physically present with another to have a discussion, technology has eliminated this. To regain meaning […]