#147 New Bread and Wine McMeal available every Sunday

B14_#147 // Restaurant in a Church // Sebastian Serzysko Subversion meets mass production: In this gothic church right after confession a new type of Bread and Wine McMeal is waiting for you every Sunday. Sebastian Serzysko is a Part 2 Graduate of the Architectural Association

#146 The Chapel

B14_#146 // Restaurant In A Church // Emma Colthurst “The Chapel” is an outdoor pop up restaurant that explores the spiritual relationship between people eating and drinking together and the space that unites them. The symbolism of the church is reconsidered in the peak of […]

#145 The Steeple Restaurant

B14_#145 // Restaurant in a Church // Kimberley Berney & Samuel Jaccard Come up to the Steeple Restaurant — under one condition: you have to be deaf. The sound of the bell is far too intense for the average ear to bear.  In this uncommon venue, sound […]


Micro-typology: Restaurant Context: Church Exploring the relationship between food and religion. How would the context of a church, influence the microtypology ‘restaurant’? In relation to the sacred building of ‘church’ belonging to Christianity, religious motifs and rituals such as The Last Supper, the Communion and […]

#144 The Cloud Parlour

B13_#144 // The Cloud Parlour // Sebastian Serzysko On this sandy island stands a prominent but off-putting landmark. The first server in what used to be the Arctic circle overheated severely after the last pieces of the glacier melted away and started sending out false […]

#143 Random Access Memory

B13_#143 // The Cloud Parlour // Anthony Ani  In this space, memories are stored in memory banks and mirrored onto an outer shell of screens which visually represent the memories. These memories can be randomly accessed by the public creating a dynamic multi-sensorial space that […]

#142 Kiss me Microsoft-ly

B13_#141 // The Cloud Parlour // Bethany Hird Looking for love? Tired of being alone? Then come down to The Dating Centre, a revolutionary new platform combining a data centre with virtual reality to find you the perfect match. Our servers use data stored about […]

#141 Cabinet of Curiosities

B13_#141 // The Cloud Parlour // Elif Öngüt CONTEXT: Home MICRO-TYPOLOGY: Cloud Parlour This entry focuses on personal data storage and the ever growing need for more digital space. A lifetime of data created and stored by an individual begins to inherit memory, memoir and […]

#140 The Generational Cloud

B13_#140 // The Cloud Parlour // Emma Colthrust How do we make our history meaningful in an increasingly digital age? How can we connect the digital with our physical reality?  The Generational Cloud unites the digital and the personal in a cloud data centre and […]

#139 The Materialization of the Digital Image

B13_#139 // The Cloud Parlour // Jakob Walter The Materialization of the digital image as a lasting relic of today’s communication and knowledge.  The description of a Portable Network Graphic:    Jakob Walter is an Architecture Student at The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

#138 The Vaporwave Altar

B13_#138 // The Cloud Parlour // Pui Quan Choi Vaporwave was a short-lived micro trend originating in the early 2010s that referenced glitch art and music of the 80s and 90s, nostalgic internet graphics and 3D rendered objects, among other items. This genre of art […]

#137 The Cloud Parlour

B13_#137 // The Cloud Parlour // Pui Quan Choi We now buy online data storage, the same way we buy physical storage space; by how much we wish to deposit. As we transition from the millimetre to the byte, our memories can now be found […]