#079 The Library

B7_#079 // The Library // Georgi Belyanov Not Tonight/I’m Reading Reading is a state of mind, floating between detachment and alertness. A state which is neither internal nor external, neither open or closed, nor conscious or unconscious. The balance it dances between these states reveals […]

#078 Secret Reading Club

B7_#078 // The Library // Adrian Siu “Reading is personal. Reading is a sense of secrecy.”   “The spontaneity of reading would never be confined by a particular physical environment. It is never localised.”, he said.    The reading enthusiast, was always encapsulated by an […]

#077 The Encyclopedia

B7_#077 // The Library // Henry Schofield The Encyclopedia is a book or set of books that give information on the norms and niches of our planet and its many environments. The book, typically arranged alphabetically, is a concise library by its very definition. This […]

#076 Library of Physical Nostalgia

B7_#076 // The Library // Ness Lafoy This drawing imagines how the traditional typology and content of our libraries may have to be adapted in a post physical future. In a future where we may crave physical reality, discomfort and natural phenomena the library could […]

#075 Symbol and Fiction

B7_#075 // The Library // Quentin Dauvergne  The ideal library celebrates books’ ability to enable a mental escape through a physical object.  Developing this idea, the library uses the same opening gesture to access the spatial incarnation of this momentary retreat from the world.  Although […]

#074 The Playroom

B7_#074 // The Library // Anthony Ani The idea of a library brings to mind an endless wall of books – usually relating to an educational institution. However, the beauty of a library is that it is not bound by location or function.  Our awareness of the […]

#073 Take a Stroll Through a Library-Feed

B7_#073 // The Library // Christopher Delahunt Bright LCD screens read paragraphs of books to you as you walk through a library feed. We have become so accustomed to screens in work and at home that now to get people to read again, libraries display […]

#072 The Reverse Library

B7_#072 // The Library // Johanna Just The visitor checks the library system for the desired book, looking for a quote or other evidence for a preconceived notion – soon roaming around looking for its location on the shelves. He borrows it from a counter […]

#071 The Library

B7_#071 // The Library // Jonathan Wren Using the premise that a library is a space with highly active walls and a passive floor and ceiling, this drawing experiments with the reversal of these roles. Nodding toward both Koolhaas’s observations about the modern ceiling, and […]

#070 The Library

B7_#070 // The Library // Elif Öngüt  As the brief suggests the ‘wall of books’ addresses to a single sense, that is the sight. This proposal incorporates the notion of practicality, having the space of book reading and the space of book storing integrated/ adjacent to […]

#069 Book Nook

B7_#069 // The Library // Agostino Nickl Typically, libraries and study spaces are decorated with books. Playing with scale invites to reimagine existing typologies and to propose a reinterpretation of the libraries’ main character – a new architectural typology derived from its material qualities: the […]

Brief 7 (Season 2)

Brief 7 // Season 2 // The Library Rethinking the microtypology of the study room The idea of library exists in a symbiosis between reading and displaying. The repeated imagery of neatly arranged wall of books associates itself with the act of reading and creates […]