#122 Loss of Vestibule

B11_#122 // Lloyd Lee // The Vestibule The architect and his client, Mr. Reynolds, enter the meeting room. The architect looks excited while Mr. Reynolds looks more indifferent to the taking of the meeting.  Architect : This, Mr. Reynolds, is the most essential feature of […]

#121 The Plug-In Parliament

B11_#121 // Henry Schofield // The Vestibule The plug-in parliament mobilises a new genre of political interface between incompatible UK-EU protocols and divided cultures. The vestibule facilitates a secure post-Brexit environment within which common dialogue and policy is created and exchanged. The hop on/ hop […]

#120 The Meta-Vestibule

B11_#120 // The Vestibule // Olivier Jauniaux  A vestibule is a place of transition; a Parallax space that refers to those to which it leads whilst never being the destination itself. It is program-less space, and its function is ever changing. How do we make […]

#119 The Mutation Station

B11_#119 // The Vestibule // Bethany Hird A vestibule in-between the ordinary and the extra-ordinary. Bodies are stripped, manipulated and reinvented to morph the unsuspecting occupant into a being ready to be placed into the obscene world that lies ahead. A space of capture, deception […]

#118 Miss Getty

B11_#118 // The Vestibule // Sebastian Serzysko Meet Miss Getty, she feels intimidated by the vestibule she’s currently in. It wasn’t designed that way but it simply carries the power and energy of her ruthless father in-law that will soon decline her request to pay her […]

#117 The Auxiliary Porch

B11_#117 // The Vestibule // Christopher Delahunt This vestibule focuses on the purpose of the porch in the near future. Antiquated housing is retrofitted with ETFE attachments to help improve their energy rating and insulation efficiency. These vestibules also form part of a newly emerging […]

#116 The One Way Vestibule

B11_#116 // The Vestibule // Luke Reveley  A threshold between two environments. One to be forgotten and one full of hope and anticipation. One way in, one way out. He could end up anywhere. They say there’s a different location behind the door each time […]

#115 The Flowerpot

B11_#115 // The Vestibule // Kimberley Berney & Samuel Jaccard From the outside world to the inside of a home, a strange space awaits. One that is neither an exterior nor an interior, one that serves the sole purpose of transition. Not a room, nor […]

#114 Vestibules of Ultima Thule

B11_#114 // The Vestibule // Quentin Dauvergne Vestibules, Antichambers, Boudoirs, Notions of a dialogue between oneself ’s state of mind And the elegant gestures of an Architecture. Opening slowly, faintly unveiled from the shadows To which the eye slowly gets used, Perhaps about to reveal […]

#113 A Vestibule for rituals

B11_#113 // The Vestibule // Stanislas Turcon  A vestibule is usually understood as a space of transition between the city and a building. The typology can take many forms and often conveys a particular image to the visitor of what the building represents. The 4 […]

#112 The Vestibule

B11_#112 // The Vestibule // Jakob Walter Building: – built 1957 for the „Interbau“ by Walter Gropius and Wils Ebert in Berlin – 9 floors, 66 apartments, 4 separated entrances and staircases Vestibule: – 2,8 x 3,1 x 2,5 m – used by about 50 […]

#111 The Vestibule as Synecdoche

B11_#011 // The Vestibule // Kirsty McMullan The vestibule is a synecdoche; a part that is made to represent the whole, or vice versa. It is also a tease. The vestibule hints at the architecture’s main spaces beyond, building expectations but promising nothing. It usually […]