#154 Laptopistan

B15_#154 // Altered Nature // Sabrina Syed “If you are a citizen of the people’s republic of Laptopistan, and like sitting for hours, sipping a latte, listening to Tracy Chapman, and twirling your soul patch while perusing your Twitter feed, maybe Club Social works for […]

#153 The Last Lab

B15_#153 // Altered Nature // Bethany Hird Set in the future, a time where earths landscapes have been mined to the point of devastation, the search for extraterrestrial life is our last hope of survival. Nestled amongst the caves and cliffs of a quarry, a […]

#152 The Spiral Chimney

B15_#152 // Altered Nature // Emma Colthurst The sky-high chimneys of an abandoned industrial landscape are reimagined as dwellings for former workers. As fierce winds rattle across the landscape, the chimney tops provide shelter and at moments of calm the workers are able to observe […]

#151 Made Redundant

B15_#151 // Altered Nature // Jakob Walter 02.06.18 Jakob Walter Bremer Strasse 55 99423 Weimar Dear Jakob Walter, This letter is to inform you that you are terminated from your employment with Ehringsdorfer Travertin as of 01.07.2018. As you know, we have been experimenting with […]

#150 Quarry Home

B15_#150 // Altered Nature // Kimberley Berney  Avant-Première! Leave your home now and start living in the city of tomorrow! You can solve three problems in one, here’s how: As the pinnacle of our species domination on earth, once man decides it is no longer […]

#149 1467 SouthEastern Mainline

B15_#149 // Altered Nature // Luke Reveley As a need for housing in central London increases and available land is scarce, the railways have been forced to give up even the thinnest plots between the rails. The house builders lay their foundations between the tracks […]

#148 Marble Diving

B15_#148 // Altered Nature // Samuel Jaccard  Much like the quarries abandoned when no more ressources can be found, Olympic venues are often left deserted once the 16 day sport-binge has gone by. The multi-billion dollar investment is too big of a burden for the […]

Brief 15

typology: dwelling context: industrial landscapes In order to obtain the ressources our society needs, forests are decimated, soil opened, quarries emptied and violated. But what becomes of those lands after that ? We see abandoned industrial landscapes as fruitless lands. What if they are the […]

#148 Restaurant Church Pavilion

B14_#148 // Restaurant Church Pavilion // Lloyd Lee If the visits to the restaurant and church share anything in common, it is that they both start and end with water. The holy water in a font is used to cleanse you as you enter and […]

#147 New Bread and Wine McMeal available every Sunday

B14_#147 // Restaurant in a Church // Sebastian Serzysko Subversion meets mass production: In this gothic church right after confession a new type of Bread and Wine McMeal is waiting for you every Sunday. Sebastian Serzysko is a Part 2 Graduate of the Architectural Association

#146 The Chapel

B14_#146 // Restaurant In A Church // Emma Colthurst “The Chapel” is an outdoor pop up restaurant that explores the spiritual relationship between people eating and drinking together and the space that unites them. The symbolism of the church is reconsidered in the peak of […]

#145 The Steeple Restaurant

B14_#145 // Restaurant in a Church // Kimberley Berney & Samuel Jaccard Come up to the Steeple Restaurant — under one condition: you have to be deaf. The sound of the bell is far too intense for the average ear to bear.  In this uncommon venue, sound […]