Brief 11

A vestibule is a lobby or point of access that creates a passage between the entrance and the interior of a space or building. Vestibules typically adopt the form of a small room or hall that marks the threshold between two environments. Ancient examples of […]

Brief 10 is Over!

Many thanks to our contributors in order of appearance: Christopher Delahunt, Jakob Walter, Kimberley Berney, Sebastian Serzysko, Henry Schofield, Samuel Jaccard, Olivier Jauniaux, Elif Ongut, Adrian Siu

#109 The Extremist

B10_#109 // The Vivarium // Adrian Siu Vivarium, a device that was originally meant for appreciation of living things, allows its inhabitants to situate in unfamiliar habitats or climates. Ideally, the encapsulated haven offers sustainable conditions, allowing the co-existence of various living things contextually. Can […]

#108 Inverted Panopticon

B10_#108 // The Vivarium // Elif Ongut  The brief states that architects should think about designing a vivarium for their own species. Setting the stage in a dystopic, sci-fi future, the design sets out to create a vivarium for humans. The scene focuses on a […]

#107 Parallax View Of The Human Vivarium

B10_#107 // The Vivarium // Olivier Jauniaux As humans, we are obsessed with controlling nature. We abhor the unpredictability of it and at the same time we are jealous of its freedom and the lack of control we can exert upon it. As we have […]

#106 Purpose

B10_#106 // The Vivarium // Samuel Jaccard Purpose is what keeps us alive. Samuel Jaccard is an Architecture Student at EPFL

#105 Lepidopterist’s Observatory

B10_#105 // The Vivarium // Henry Schofield The Lepidopterist’s Observatory creates a new piece of lightweight jungle infrastructure that allows entomologists to reach the rainforest’s tree tops and observe butterfly and moth migrations, migratory habits and patterns.  The observation platform uses an exuberantly coloured mast-like primary structure […]

#104 The Vivarium of Maximum Privacy

B10_#104 // The Vivarium // Sebastian Serzysko ‘The Vivarium of Maximum Privacy’ made of opaque glass is home to Dave, a single chid to Tom and Georgina who were the pioneers of Vivarium living. Dave was born in the Vivarium 37 years ago, this occasion […]

#103 Vivarium

B10_#103 // The Vivarium // Kimberley Berney The vivarium. To see. To be seen. A scene to mimic the natural inhabitat of a species. The vivarium. A lesson. A show. Life. The human  vivarium. The minimal space required to present our species way of life. But […]

#102 The Human Vivarium

B10_#102 // The Vivarium // Jakob Walter  Vivarium: mimics natural ecosystems Architecture: human ecosystem   Vivarium: inhabited by the observed Architecture: inhabited by the user   Vivarium: serves the observer Architecture: serves the user   Vivarium: displays lives Architecture: defines lives   Anaconda, Cobra, Natter […]

#101 Vivarium = Show House

B10_#101 // The Vivarium // Christopher Delahunt This is my take on the show-house of the future. A show-house is typically used on  newly built developments to show the living space and features available in a home. This scrolling show-house allows users to view their […]


“Billy was displayed there in the zoo in a simulated Earthling habitat. Most of the furnishings had been stolen from the Sears & Roebuck warehouse in Iowa City, Iowa. There was a color television set and a couch that could be converted into a bed. […]