#089 Life in a Kindergarten

B8_#089 // The Studio // Quentin Dauvergne Architecture students around me mostly wish they could stay at school during the night. They wish they wouldn’t have to go back home, to come back to school in a few hours. They would just stay, because of […]

#088 Concept Capsule

B8_#088 // The Studio // Ema Hana Kacar This proposal aims to create an autonomous architect’s studio that supports the exchanging of ideas, and breaks loose from the concept of ownership. The internal walls of the capsule are molded in a way that enables the […]

#087 Levels

B8_#087 // The Studio // Chase Freeman The typical architecture studio today is composed mostly of open floor plans with rows of desks; each student owns their own space with implied barriers and partitions between one another. They work there, eat there, sometimes sleep there, […]

#086 The Studio

B8_#086 // The Studio // Kimberley Berney The naturally subjective quantification of overall work efficiency and the idea one has of the perfect work environment/setting is inherently different form one person, workload, mood, project, time to an other. As perpetual variables, the only way to […]

#085 The Studio

B8_#085 // The Studio // Samuel Jaccard   Time builds.  It shapes us.    As time grows, so does our intellect, our knowledge, our passion. Through it, we develop ourselves and the relations we have with one another. It is the focal point of our […]

#084 The Galleried Studio

B8_#084 // The Studio // Anthony Ani  The galleried studio aims to respond to the students shifting needs for concentration versus isolation within the studio. It takes advantage of the double height space that it is situated in by introducing an upper gallery level. Each student has […]

#083 The Studio

B8_#083 // The Studio // Elif Öngüt According to the brief this architecture studio chooses to accommodate the work of four graduate students who have collaborated throughout the first year and the scene focuses on the ‘final crit’. In the recent past, architecture studios used […]

#082 The Travelling Studio 

B8_#082 // The Library // NESS LAFOY This cube imagines the tube train reconfigured to house a mobile architecture studio. The inner workings of architecture schools are normally hidden from public view, can we take the architecture studio on tour, allowing students to work in […]


Brief 8 Season 2 // The Architecture Studio Rethinking the microtypology of the architecture studio In her article ‘School Buildings Produce Culture,’ Farshid Moussavi questions how the design and layout of an architecture studio can affect the school’s pedagogy and the students’ approach towards architecture. […]


Many thanks to our contributors in order of appearance: Agostino Nickl, Elif Öngüt, Jonathan Wren, Johanna Just, Christopher Delahunt, Anthony Ani, Quentin Dauvergne, Ness Lafoy, Henry Schofield, Adrian Siu, Georgi Belyanov, Ema Kacar, Lloyd Lee Brief 8 follows soon…

#081 Library for one title

B7_#081 // The Library // LLOYD LEE Book covers can be compared to an architectural facade – the interplay of different elements attempt to reflect the content behind it. Using fonts, colours, illustrations and textures, book covers are created with a composition that quickly get […]