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#137 The Cloud Parlour

B13_#137 // The Cloud Parlour // Pui Quan Choi We now buy online data storage, the same way we buy physical storage space; by how much we wish to deposit. As we transition from the millimetre to the byte, our memories can now be found […]

#136 The Personal Cloud

B13_#136 // The Cloud Parlour // Luke Reveley  As we become tethered to our mobile phones, reliant on networks and require more storage year on year, the necessity for a personal data centre increases. Within the 4x4x4, the personal data centre takes the form of […]

Brief 13

A Canticle For Leibowitz, Walter M Miller Jr ,1959. The Monks of the Leibowitz order have been preserving written scientific memorabillia from the 20th century for the past 600 years in the hopes that these ‘illuminated manuscripts will help future generations reclaim forgotten science. 17 […]

Brief 12 is OVER!

Huge thanks to our contributors for kicking off season 3! In order of appearance: Anoushae Eirabie, Jakob Walter, Kimberley Berney & Samuel Jaccard, Luke Reveley, Kirsty McMullan, Natalie Roberts, Bethany Hird, Elif Ongut, Ernst Schubert, Daana Bolot, Lloyd Lee and Emma Colthurst. Brief 13 Follows…

#135 The Courtyard in the Nature Reserve

B12_#135 // Rehearsing Realities // Emma Colthurst  The Courtyard, a niche of serenity carved out within urban sprawl is transported to the Nature Reserve. Here reality and imagination collide through the possibilities of the threshold. The transition of the bridge, the connecting arches, the open […]

#134 Ruined Concert

B12_#134 // Rehearsing Realities // Lloyd Lee A music concert can be considered an all-rounded experience.  The music, together with people and the atmosphere, creates an ambience that stimulates all our senses. The creation of such ambience heavily relies on concerts’ characteristics to share the experience […]

#133 Fields Forever

B12_#133 // Rehearsing Realities // Daana Bolot Today you find yourself commuting from suburban towns to cities to go to work, school or university. As months and years pass, you notice that those endless fields and crops get replaced by more suburban housing. Your view […]

#132 Midnight Atelier

B12_#132 // Rehearsing Realities // Ernst Schubert The rhythm the artist is working is twisted to our every day life.  When we are sleeping he is creating universes. When we are out of our beds he is sleeping.  By that he has his own relation to […]

#131 Reality Check

B12_#131 // Rehearsing Realities // Elif Ongut CONTEXT: Old Imperial Ottoman Bank Vault MICRO-TYPOLOGY: Cinema Imperial Ottoman Bank Headquarters building designed by French architect Alexandre Vallaury was completed in 1892. In 2009, located at the heart of Old Town Istanbul, this building re-opened its doors […]

#130 The Domestic Jungle

B12_#130 // Rehearsing Realities // Bethany Hird This cube reimagines the traditional typology of home. In our modern era of technological prevalence, to learn, play and discover is more often than not conducted via computers and phones. This cube takes a step to the future, where […]

#129 Offline

B12_#129 // Rehearsing Realities // Natalie Roberts Here I begin exploring ideals of passivity. The virtual online shopping platform is realised in a 3 dimensional context. The everyday residential street acts as its own `real word`context whilst the metaphoric virtual reality submerges itself within the […]

#128 Rehearsing Realities

B12_#128 // Rehearsing Realities // Kirsty McMullan (Brief Author) The commute to and from work, for many of us, is the only time in our day when we have a little time to think. To check in on our goals and aspirations as we check […]