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Brief 18

 The Salon Introduction: Salons are political spaces. Traditionally held in the private parloursof grand houses, groups met to engage in the art of conversation. The sharing of ideas between unique and vibrant guests is at the heart of TheSalon.Salons were originally aristocratic, taking place in […]

#167 Retrieved.

B17_#167 // Underground Public Toilet // Lloyd Lee Retrieved. Date :  10.05.2203 Location :  W2, London, Great Britain  Description : An X-ray drawing, presumably for a survey; The drawing seems to show an abandoned entrance to the Bayswater Estate underneath Hyde Park Plant. This material […]

#166 Untitled

B17_#166 // Underground Public Toilet // Oscar Maguire  In the 19th century, the UK government deemed it necessary to convenience the citizens of London by building public conveniences (or toilets). In Easter 2019, 19 years after Al Gore narrowly missed out on the opportunity to […]

#165 Absence

B17_#164 // Underground Public Toilet // Jack Sweet  The public toilet was once a space of escapism and release, an outlet for impulses unpalatable to mainstream society. Today our society has a guilty addiction to violence as a different means of release. Our culture saturated […]

#164 The Writer’s Refuge

B17_#164 // Public Toilet // Anonymous Sunday, April 28, 2019  The street roared with a deafening sound.  Presumptuous life runs and dances,  twists and turns, head down.  Painting idealistic pictures of themselves, sharing articles and displaying support filters  for causes they don’t genuinely care about.  […]

#163 Public Extractor

B17_#163 // Public Toilet // The Bakerloos Whilst the Victorians tried to get hold of the smell of urine pervading their pre-automotive cities, our generation is yet to be seen dealing effectively with a far more damaging stench. The fumes from the ever-increasing traffic on […]

#162 Spend A Penny

B17_#162 // Spend A Penny // Emma Colthurst  These Victorian urinals are repurposed to an alternative ‘restroom’… a space for relaxation and contemplation. The grandeur of the arched forms are celebrated as they encompass their porcelain necessity. Some visitors pass through, while other linger as they […]

#161 Homeless Laundromat +

B17_#161 // Homeless Laundromat + // Enzo Lara-Hamilton What was previously an abandoned public toilet might now be restored and developed into an altruistic project. One that provides necessary services to the homeless. This new laundromat typology hopes to embrace and attempt to fix a […]

#160 The Escape Room

B17_#160 // The Escape Room // Luke Reveley Hidden under London’s streets are hundreds of abandoned spaces, once used as haunts for those who weren’t accepted by society and now running into disrepair. 
In the Escape Room, the space is appropriated by a single user […]

#159 The Director’s Cut – His & Hers

B16_#159 // The Director’s Cut – His & Hers // Emma Colthurst The ancient Saranbang collides with the temporal nature of the K-Pop film set. Here, the woman’s image is dictated from the directors chair. Once a space positioned at ‘the front’ of the house, the […]

#158 Sarang Gallery

B16_#158 // Sarang Gallery // Lloyd Lee Abandoned meaning of Sarangbang leaves the architectural shell. The shell could be occupied by anything and everything.  Sarangbang could already be occupied for a lot of things. It had already been a shell for a multi-purpose room, attached to […]

#157 Period, End of Sentence

B16_#157 // period, end of sentence // Berney Kimberley The Sarangbang as culture sanctuary, defined as the mens room, often contains a separate study; the Sarangchae, forbidden to women as they aren’t to be educated. It is the place in which men cultivate and exchange […]