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Brief 19

The Wet room “Wet Rooms” exist as vernacular spaces in Indian homes found in both communal and family dwellings. Tucked away near the entrances, these semi-private, semi-outdoor spaces have a small but critical task: they allow water to enter and leave the house without eroding it. They […]

Brief 17

The Underground Public Toilet ‘ Cacator cave Malum!’ – Shitter Beware Evil: Goddess Fortuna, guardian of the latrine user, enscribed in a Pompeiian public toilet There are few better manifestations of the British national character than London’s subterranean public toilets, hiding their modesty discreetly beneath its streets. […]

Open Call for Entries

Greetings, everyone !  It was only February of this year that we launched our first ever brief of “the Director’s Office”. With our contributors, we managed to finish off 2 seasons which amount to 123 entries and 11 Briefs so far. Our team would like to […]


“The ability to lie, the deliberate denial of factual truth, and the capacity to change facts, the ability to act, are interconnected; they owe their existence to the same source, imagination.” –Forensic Architecture

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