#169 Conference Call


B18_#169 // The Salon // The Bakerloos

This cube explores the influence of digital conversation tools on the experience of the contemporary Salon: In an increasingly globalised world and ubiquitous social media we continue to build more and more international relationships – the people we are geographically close to and the ones we enjoy debating with are not necessarily the same. Taking this social change in consideration, contemporary salons could be adapted to accommodate conversations of people that are not in the same place. Conference Call is a Salon where the architecture has been modified or augmented to host multiple Skype or Facetime calls at the same time. This Salon spans between different countries and time zones uniting people across the globe to encourage conversations and intellectual gatherings.

The Bakerloos is an award-winning experimental architecture studio, founded in 2016 by Johanna Just, Ness Lafoy, Agostino Nickl and Christopher Delahunt