#163 Public Extractor


B17_#163 // Public Toilet // The Bakerloos

Whilst the Victorians tried to get hold of the smell of urine pervading their pre-automotive cities, our generation is yet to be seen dealing effectively with a far more damaging stench. The fumes from the ever-increasing traffic on our roads, fuelled by lurking on-demand ride share services, prime delivery carrying white vans and notorious private transport. But with recent advances in COhandling, brought about by a team of Melbourne based scientist, we are about to master turning smog back into solid carbon without excessive amounts of heat or pressure.

Instead of putting our dormant infrastructure of closed latrines onto the capital’s real estate asset portfolio as cocktail bars, barber shops or studio apartments, we propose to reanimate this lost typology into a temporary network of air-purifying infrastructure until the last combustion engine rolls off its streets, humbly serving the citizens walking over them every day.

The Bakerloos are an award winning Experimental architecture Studio comprised of Bartlett Graduates Christopher Delahunt, Agostino Nickl, Johanna Just and Ness Lafoy