#158 Sarang Gallery


B16_#158 // Sarang Gallery // Lloyd Lee

Abandoned meaning of Sarangbang leaves the architectural shell.

The shell could be occupied by anything and everything. 

Sarangbang could already be occupied for a lot of things. It had already been a shell for a multi-purpose room, attached to social and cultural meanings. 

When the meanings of Sarangbang do not resonate anymore to occupiers, the architectural shell evolves its strongest feature to survive : the flexibility. 

The new Sarang Gallery is one of many variations Sarangbang could take evolve into. New ceilings are fitted in to accommodate for extra storage and functions. 

In the drawing, a proud Moon Jar(달항아리) is being exhibited in the Sarang Gallery. Reminiscent of the good old days, the moon jar reminds us the lost sense of tradition. While its functions are not exactly known, the moon jar’s harmony with the newly evolved Sarang Gallery signifies the spirit of today. 

Lloyd Lee is a part II graduate from the Architectural Association School of Architecture