Brief 15

typology: dwelling
context: industrial landscapes
In order to obtain the ressources our society needs, forests are decimated, soil opened, quarries emptied and violated. But what becomes of those lands after that ? We see abandoned industrial landscapes as fruitless lands. What if they are the opportunity to establish new cities? What used to be regarded as “waste” becomes the context for an alternative advancement of society.
My proposal is for us to develop on abandoned industrial lands. How can we reuse mines, quarries and other discarded exploitations for a new type of city ? This brief asks architecture to produce opportunities to preserve the part of nature we have left(instead of clearing and urbanizing more natural lands as our population and needs expand), focusing on the influence this singular context can have on the way we design dwellings,on the way we live. Symbiotically reviving our homes and plundered lands. Arriving at thought-provoking designs.
Brief Written by Kimberley Berney (EPFL)