#148 Restaurant Church Pavilion


B14_#148 // Restaurant Church Pavilion // Lloyd Lee

If the visits to the restaurant and church share anything in common, it is that they both start and end with water. The holy water in a font is used to cleanse you as you enter and leave the church, when water you drink in the restaurant cleanses the taste palate before and after food. Water is a mark for these typology-tied rituals. The importance of water in the two typologies is interpreted architecturally and create the boundary for the new hybrid – Restaurant Church. This 4mx4mx4m Pavilion sits 4 people radially and has a central podium that moves vertically. Be it the waiter who brings the food or the priest, the conventional authority of occupiers is constantly challenged through the hybrid of the two typologies and the height of the podium. Will the waiter serve, stood above the guests, with the sense of authority? Will the priest be okay with giving a sermon looking up to the members of the church, stood in the last night’s feast scene?

Lloyd Lee is a Diploma Student at the Architecture Association School of Architecture