Micro-typology: Restaurant
Context: Church
Exploring the relationship between food and religion. How would the context of a church, influence the microtypology ‘restaurant’? In relation to the sacred building of ‘church’ belonging to Christianity, religious motifs and rituals such as The Last Supper, the Communion and Eucharist could be considered. How does the social aspect of eating together, under one roof, relate to embedded formality of the church? Is it even acceptable for a restaurant to be built inside a church? The act of eating within a church can both be an act of rebellion or a progress. With this in mind, the brief invites designers to rethink the relationship between eating and the sense of place.
*Contemporary architectural examples relevant to the idea of a ‘restaurant in a church’ would be ‘The Jane’ in Antwerp and ‘Holy Food Market’ in Ghent.
Brief Written by Elif Öngüt