#137 The Cloud Parlour


B13_#137 // The Cloud Parlour // Pui Quan Choi

We now buy online data storage, the same way we buy physical storage space; by how much we wish to deposit. As we transition from the millimetre to the byte, our memories can now be found in the cloud, accessible at any well-connected point. Behind the data centres and servers, can we imagine a world where our digital memory takes on a physical manifestation? In this cube, our data starts to take on the shape of a bookshelf, a filing cabinet and other such structures using the byte, a unit of digital memory transformed into a three-dimensional building block. In this world behind the server, our data is materialised into representing the amount of data stored and the forms which use to store it, reconciling our physical and digital worlds.

Pui Quan Choi is a diploma student at the Architectural Association