#134 Ruined Concert


B12_#134 // Rehearsing Realities // Lloyd Lee

A music concert can be considered an all-rounded experience. 

The music, together with people and the atmosphere, creates an ambience that stimulates all our senses. The creation of such ambience heavily relies on concerts’ characteristics to share the experience with others. The case of mosh pit is perhaps a perfect example. The deliberate act of pushing or slamming into each other that originated from 1980s became an important part of the hardcore punk culture, and it spread to be applied to other genres of music as well. Ambience, Music, Mosh-pit and the crowd cannot easily be separated from one another. However, this kind of experience might bring a sense of terror to people with claustrophobia. The idea of being trapped in the crowd disables them to go to such concerts. Here, this fear is remedied through a conceptual imposition of glass boxes in the middle of the concert ‘pit’. Through the architectural intervention that kills the culture of mosh pit, the attendees who ‘see’ the concert inside these glass boxes become ‘observers’ of the concert, not the ‘participants’. 

Lloyd Lee is a diploma student at the Architectural Association School of Architecture