#130 The Domestic Jungle


B12_#130 // Rehearsing Realities // Bethany Hird

This cube reimagines the traditional typology of home. In our modern era of technological prevalence, to learn, play and discover is more often than not conducted via computers and phones. This cube takes a step to the future, where our current lives of excess and waste are no longer sustainable. The rainforest, placed in a vivarium in a child’s bedroom, provides not only a space to grow food and support the whole family, but exhibits a natural landscape within a glorified chamber in a polluted world, providing a focal point for learning and exploration. The combination of the two typologies questions how farming can be incorporated into a typical home and how traditional architecture can be adapted to meet the demand of our day to day lives, whilst reawakening our desire to explore a non-virtual world.

Bethany Hird is a Part 1 Architecture Graduate from Leeds Beckett University