#125 Rehearsing Laws


B12_#125 // Rehearsing Realities // Jakob Walter

“[Kings] have power to exalt low things, and abase high things, and make of their subjects like men at the Chesse; A pawne to take a Bishop of a Knight, and to cry up, or downe any of their subjects, as they do their money.”

-King James VI and I, speech to Parliament, March 21, 1610

1200 to 1600: Pawns gained the option of moving two squares on their first move

1475: Queen became strongest piece after being the weakest.

1475: Originally the pawn could only be promoted to the weak queen. When the queen became the most powerful piece, the pawn could be promoted only if the queen had already been captured

1800: Pawns can become queens even when there is already a queen

1861: First use of a time limit

1889: White moves first

Jakob Walter is an Architecture Student at The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar