#124 At Work


B12_124 // Rehearsing Realities // Anoushaé Eirabie

10:00 pm: The space is empty, it screams to be used.

10:06 pm: Should I leave now?

11:00 pm: The client meeting was slow… the list is getting longer, reasons are becoming more difficult to find.

12:00 am: The heating is shutting down, the cold makes the fluorescence seem brighter. The brightness and the empty desks are fighting, arguing like parents about why they need other, but they can’t leave, because I need them.

2:15 am: The space in my mind and the space I am in are talking to each other. The language is comforting, the conversation is long.

3:06 am: The stories are distracting, and there is a fixture out of place, I think it might be a sprinkler. The heating is coming back on….maybe it’s a smoke detector…

4:30 am: The cleaners are arriving, distractions are growing, the solution is here somewhere…

Anoushaé Eirabie is an Architecture Graduate from Carleton University