Kuan’s Cubes #07


Huai-Kuan Chung is our special external collaborator who recently graduated from Columbia GSAPP in Urban Design.


Interview Question 5/6: You mentioned earlier how you use grasshopper to create cubes. It links different design parts into algorithmically linked parameters. This means certain parameters are chosen by you to determine design. What were the considerations that were put into designing such parameters ?

I want to explain a bit about my opinion to the parametric design tool. If we take grasshopper as an example, the fact that it’s a component based platform somehow determined it’s an incomprehensible tool. Let’s say if you pull out 100 components, anything out of these 100 components is going to be out of your design scope. One thing is for sure, you can not rely only on components to cover everything. Based on this understanding, whenever I use grasshopper, I always make it as specific as possible, rather than letting it take charge of everything.