Kuan’s Cubes #02


Huai-Kuan Chung is our special external collaborator who recently graduated from Columbia GSAPP in Urban Design.


Interview Question 2/6: You mentioned your interest in the context of the design subject in our conversation earlier. Could you elaborate more that notion that you are trying to explore? 


I studied Urban Design in Columbia University. For urban design projects, it’s important to jump from one scale to another while thinking strategically. Considering that there are always lots of abstract and systematic topics, visualization become crucial in urban scale projects. Also, as time plays a critical role in urban design, animation is a great way to communicate the idea of transformation in both time and space. On the other hand, the concept of context in urban design will never be static. Based on this understanding, although there’s no site in this project, I decided to visualize motion using animation with constantly changing form or color.