Kuan’s Cubes #01


Happy New Year Everyone ! 


With the first post of the year, we would like to present a new series Kuan’s Cubes (Geometric Gradient). Huai-Kuan Chung is our special external collaborator who recently graduated from Columbia GSAPP in Urban Design. He worked on this series as an exploratory project that looks specifically into the “context of the design subject” which, for him, is “almost always a complex and dynamic situation.” We interviewed Kuan on the thought process behind the series and his take on context within architecture. 

Interview Question 1 /  6:  How did your project “Geometric Gradient” come about? What was the trigger to such project ? 

I just graduated this May, and I decided to start a motion graphic project during the stressful job hunting period. It was a way for me to practice data visualization and representation skills. Also, it was a trigger for me to try to play with colour in the series of design, which is one element I was never good at.