#123 The Vestibule


B11_#123 // The Vestibule // Elif Öngüt

Vestibules are conventionally known as transitional spaces, not autonomous ones. This cube rethinks the vestibule as both a transitional and an autonomous space. The use of marble and vaulted architecture (groin vault) echoes that of institutional and religious buildings. Marble implies majesty, power and awe, however it becomes an uncanny object when it doesn’t serve an institutional ideology. It simply stands there anonymously, providing shelter. 

This vestibule is autonomous, not predefined, completely open for interpretation and to different uses. It could be placed anywhere in the city, eliminating context and focusing solely on the space itself. The gif aims to express the multiplicity, showing different configurations.

Elif Öngüt is an Architecture Graduate from The University of Edinburgh (ESALA)