#116 The One Way Vestibule


B11_#116 // The Vestibule // Luke Reveley 

A threshold between two environments.

One to be forgotten and one full of hope and anticipation.

One way in, one way out.

He could end up anywhere. They say there’s a different location behind the door each time it opens.

He makes his way across this space with jealous eyes looking on and reaches the door. He contemplates his decision and is filled with a mixture of fear, excitement and trepidation.

“There must be more for me out there.” He almost says out loud.

The door in front of him nudges open with surprising ease.

His decision has been made. He takes the step and doesn’t look back. There’s nothing to look back to. The door has closed behind him.

Luke Reveley is an M.Arch Student at the Bartlett School of Architecture