#114 Vestibules of Ultima Thule


B11_#114 // The Vestibule // Quentin Dauvergne

Vestibules, Antichambers, Boudoirs,
Notions of a dialogue between oneself ’s state of mind
And the elegant gestures of an Architecture.
Opening slowly, faintly unveiled from the shadows
To which the eye slowly gets used,
Perhaps about to reveal
It’s most precious treasure;
A silence tenuously suspended
In Time.
Contemporary vestibules display the paradox of ours,
When efforts and patience gave way
To easyness and instantaneity
In one glance,
We should understand,
Get hooked or blown away
Producing desires for more,
Looking for what’s left.
Through rich materials and designer furnitures
– fake ones, screw intellectual rights –
Transparency shows us the world we expect
Clean, convenient and immediate.
Sometimes the only thing that should be designed
Is a door handle.

Quentin Dauvergne is a Diploma Student at the Architectural Association