#107 Parallax View Of The Human Vivarium


B10_#107 // The Vivarium // Olivier Jauniaux

As humans, we are obsessed with controlling nature. We abhor the unpredictability of it and at the same time we are jealous of its freedom and the lack of control we can exert upon it.

As we have developed and our technology has followed, we have invented more ways to ‘own’ our little bits of nature and to possess elements and worship them. We must tend to our edifices (gardens) worship it’s icons (cuddly toys, hunting trophies) and follow the holy texts (David Attenborough’s incredible documentaries).

 As a continuation of all this, we have caught animals, some have been domesticated, other’s, impossible to own as pets and thus insulting our arrogance, have been caged in Zoos and Vivariums.

But in this constant desire to capture the essence of freedom, have we not lost our own?

The human condition is to be caged in a desire to own a piece of nature.

Olivier Jauniaux is a Diploma Student at the Architectural Association