#103 Vivarium


B10_#103 // The Vivarium // Kimberley Berney

The vivarium. To see. To be seen.

A scene to mimic the natural inhabitat of a species.

The vivarium. A lesson. A show. Life.

The human  vivarium. The minimal space required to present our species way of life.

But wait…


What is our typical way of life? What is our typical inhabitat ? What is a typical human conduct ? Can we break it down to one unrivalled typology ?

If so, would humans be abble to behave genuinly enough for the display to be of any scientific or educationnal value, or woud they (unconsiously even) filter their conduct ?

Do we need a phisycal showcase to display human life ?

In that case…

Imagine a close world where virtual reality has gained ascendancy. Making all our current needs irrelevant. You can be and observe whoever you want.

Architecture, cities, zoos  are inherently antiquated…

Virtual reality glasses.

A perfusion.

The world is yours.

Species are yours.

To see.

To be seen.

Kimberley Berney is an Architecture Student at EPFL