#097 Power Plant


B9_#097 // Substation // Henry Schofield 

The Power Plant rethinks the typology of the common distribution node cabinet. Distribution node cabinets are crucial points along  telecommunications networks where fibre optic or coaxial cables meet footway ducting junctions to then travel into our homes and provide us with internet connection. 
Our streets are amassed with an uninspiring array of narrow, rectangular, mostly green (some black) cabinets found on the roadside that generally house a jungle of optical fibre cables that are fed with radio frequency signal from a local amplifier. The Power Plant utilises the malleable and efficient wrapping, bending and coiling potential of telecommunications optical fibre cables to create internet distribution points that not only become a new elegant piece of street furniture but an easily maintained workstation for network engineers.
Henry Schofield is an M.Arch Graduate from The Bartlett School of Architecture