#087 Levels


B8_#087 // The Studio // Chase Freeman

The typical architecture studio today is composed mostly of open floor plans with rows of desks; each student owns their own space with implied barriers and partitions between one another. They work there, eat there, sometimes sleep there, but when it is time to present their work or time to have a crit, each student picks up their work and moves to a separate space.

But what if the studio space is able to morph to its function, acting as a desk, a pin-up space, a gallery, and circulation all at the same time? This proposal imagines a purpose-built school built on a grid of structural columns in which planes of floors, walls, and desks – can be moved at will to satisfy the requirements of its use. With a dynamic program, students at the school will be exposed to the many different ideas and work of their classmates, allowing the pedagogy of the school to morph and evolve at the will of the students and their desired program. No longer does the desk act as a limiting factor, but it now becomes the catalyst of collaboration in an ever-changing studio

Chase Freeman is an Architecture Graduate from Clemson University (USA)