#085 The Studio

B8_#085 // The Studio // Samuel Jaccard


Time builds. 
It shapes us. 

As time grows, so does our intellect, our knowledge, our passion. Through it, we develop ourselves and the relations we have with one another. It is the focal point of our lives, an endless companion that has always been. 

In an architecture studio, students leave traces of time through their production. At the start of the semester, the studio is mainly composed of tables — empty surfaces that students quickly fill up with their work. In a short period of time, the desks become saturated with models, drawings and sketches; a mess which can set back productivity. Instead of throwing or storing away work that might inspire or be useful to others, we could put it inside small display boxes, transforming the studio in an ever-growing exhibition space, letting time be the designer of space. 

As time grows, so does the architecture studio. With deadlines approaching, more work is produced, and with it, more « inspiration-boxes » for the students. The need of seclusion and privacy to be able to focus also seems to grow as the semester comes to an end. The boxes are there not only to communicate the students’ ideas but to act as a visual barrier to their surroundings, isolating them from any possible distraction. In a way, they become a filter, helping students reach new heights.

Time builds.

Let it shape us.

Samuel Jaccard is an Architecture Student at EPFL