#083 The Studio


B8_#083 // The Studio // Elif Öngüt

According to the brief this architecture studio chooses to accommodate the work of four graduate students who have collaborated throughout the first year and the scene focuses on the ‘final crit’.

In the recent past, architecture studios used to accommodate large drafting tables placed on top of desks, and occupied the majority of the desk space. However now the desk is mostly occupied with models, model-making tools and most importantly laptops, as students prefer to use their own rather than the computer lab, while integrating the digital design process with the manual within a single space.

Mainly the desk and the wall/hanging spaces define the layout of the architecture studio, thus the cube design focuses on these elements. One of the intentions was to blur the boundaries between the space of production and the space of display, while redefining the studio landscape through the desk as a desk and the desk as a plinth or stand. Lastly, exploring the modularity and the mobility of ‘the desk,’ acting as a tectonic element that shifts the studio landscape.

*Drawings and models placed inside the cube are produced by Elif Ongut as part of the final year design project.

Elif Ongut is a graduate from the University of Edinburgh (ESALA)