#080 Comfortable positions to read in? : books – Reddit


B7_#080 // The Library // Ema Hana Kacar

Comfortable positions to read in? : books – Reddit

This library entry is proposed in response to a post and its comment from Reddit about the comfortable reading position, submitted by theredhatchet and BudyVsBudy.


Post by theredhatchet  

4 years ago

“I love reading, but as I’ve gotten older, I seem to have trouble finding comfortable positions to read in for long periods of time. Laying on my stomach propped up on elbows hurts my shoulders, and sitting down at a table makes my neck hurt.

How do y’all like to read?

Any good or recommended positions/techniques I should try out?



Comment by BudyVsBudy

 7 points
 4 years ago

“Reading is one of that hobbies that are never really comfortable, to tell the sad truth. In bed, sitting or any thing else… it’s just isn’t comfortable. But we keep reading, isn’t it? 

I wish I had a chair that made you switch positions every now and again so you don’t get stiff or something… “


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