#079 The Library


B7_#079 // The Library // Georgi Belyanov

Not Tonight/I’m Reading

Reading is a state of mind, floating between detachment and alertness.

A state which is neither internal nor external, neither open or closed, nor conscious or unconscious. The balance it dances between these states reveals its peculiar structure.

The proposal interprets the reading space as a movable room on wheels to fit within a reader’s home. Its purpose is to create a cognitive space within a physical one. Like the secluded frame of mind one enters when reading, the cube provides the framework for this intermediary space between the here of the reader’s reality and the somewhere of the open book. It is a place to look in and look out of – a peaceful order hovering at the periphery of life’s disorder.

Georgi Belyanov is a Diploma Student at the Architectural Association