#078 Secret Reading Club

B7_#078 // The Library // Adrian Siu
“Reading is personal. Reading is a sense of secrecy.”
“The spontaneity of reading would never be confined by a particular physical environment. It is never localised.”, he said. 
The reading enthusiast, was always encapsulated by an intangible space of reading which was constructed with different elements written in his favourite books.
The secret reading club is where he finds his passion. All his favourite books were sitting on one big shelf in the club, a collection which he would need a long way to finish reading.
“Hmmm, 114 more to go.”, he said.
He then quietly grabbed a book from the shelf, and pulled the trigger. He walked away from the book storage, and enters a secret passageway. Coffee shops, libraries or parks, wherever the passageway leads to is the calm and ideal place for him to enjoy reading.
Adrian Siu is an M.Arch student at the Bartlett School of Architecture