#077 The Encyclopedia


B7_#077 // The Library // Henry Schofield

The Encyclopedia is a book or set of books that give information on the norms and niches of our planet and its many environments. The book, typically arranged alphabetically, is a concise library by its very definition.

This drawing considers the potential of the encyclopedia for the reading and storing of factual articles in a non-fictional library. The encyclopedia presents itself as an imaginative room that binds together the physicality of the book(s) with the imagery of its contents. When we read we perceive common articles in a scaled down, palatable format and by nibbling away at the detail of these natural, supernatural and man-made objects, our encyclopedias create individualized aggregates of knowledge, otherwise known as libraries. This drawing represents the holistic, freshly nourished world that is both adored and mentally stored after the first reading of an encyclopedia.

Henry Schofield is an M.Arch Graduate from The Bartlett School of Architecture