#066 The Garum Room

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B6_#066 // The Cave // Sabrina Syed

How do you make a carrot taste as umami as eating a steak? – Rene Redzepi on the potential of fermentation, Noma

While fermentation in drink is long and established, the Garum Room seeks to push the idea of fermentation in food towards a dedicated typology: The word “Garum” comes from an ancient condiment invented by the romans, created through experiments in fermentation.The 4x4x4 serves as a prototype food lab and storage to such experiments, carried from the ideas brought in Noma’s test kitchen. Like an underground cave, the insular and controlled temperature paired with varying openings are host to different resting places for food, waiting to be transformed through time. An earthen chamber is also added so that chefs can bury ingredients and investigate traditional cooking techniques alongside new ones in the lab.

Sabrina Syed is a Part 1 Architecture Graduate from the University of Edinburgh

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