#063 Alice (and the reader) In Wonderland

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B6_#063 // The Cave // Anthony Ani 

“Alice was not a bit hurt, and she jumped up on to her feet in a moment: she looked up, but it was all dark overhead; before her was another long passage, and the White Rabbit was still in sight, hurrying down it. There was not a moment to be lost: away went Alice like the wind, and was just in time to hear it say, as it turned a corner, `Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it’s getting!’ She was close behind it when she turned the corner, but the Rabbit was no longer to be seen: she found herself in a long, low hall, which was lit up by a row of lamps hanging from the roof.”
-Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865)

The drawing imagines the mental journey embarked on by a reader when reading an immersive tale. It is much like the formation of a cave: slow and deliberate. They begin on the outside and as the story progresses they begin to cave into it, mentally eroding the barrier between themselves and it until they are fully immersed in its narrative. 

Anthony Ani is a Part 1 Architecture Graduate from the University of Edinburgh (ESALA)

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