#062 Failure to Continue

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B5_#062 // Boundary // Lloyd Lee

A wall meets another wall. With four of them, a room is formed. In a very physical sense, the walls here obstruct each other from continuing one another’s move, forming a corner at each intersection. Walls act as a boundary to each other. 

However, boundary is often a semi-permeable filter that allows a fluid movement of everything else but that of architecture’s. 

A plot of land might be a suitable example. There is nothing that stops for the occupying building of the land to expand apart from the land plot designated on a piece of paper. Maybe there is a regulations that prevents the building to become taller, too. A boundary becomes an invisible force that fails the continuation of architectural elements. 

This notion gives a birth to the following imagery : Continuing concrete beams with no ends that have been intersected. The result is an architectural failure; the beams failed to continue and now have to be supported by a series of scaffolds. The floor was not ‘met’ with the existing rock, but stopped by the notion of the rock. The failed project falls under the occupancy of an unexpected tenant. Perhaps a boundary is the parameter in which architecture can be ‘completed’


Lloyd Lee is a diploma student at the Architectural Association (AA)

A Photo of ‘Homeless with $200 Jordan’ by Lance Gross

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