#060 4G Boundary

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B5_#060 // Boundary // Sabrina Syed

A gateway to the data-world is a boundary from the real world.

The 4G threshold connects, distances and leaves both a spatial and data trail behind.


‘The mobile phone is both a connection and disconnection device.

It is typically placed between the human and its surroundings, tuning the surroundings out or engaging differently with them … even in an isolated field with the phone turned off, all the worlds that have been temporarily abandoned are palpable in their sudden absence.

The empty field or dead spot in the cellular network was probably found with the phone, along with the way home.’ [1]

Sabrina Syed is a Part 1 Architecture Graduate from the University of Edinburgh (ESALA)

[1] Text adapted from Homo Cellular essay in ‘Are we Human?’ by Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley

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